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MineralCoin is an asset-backed investment coin that fuses new-school blockchain technology to old-school underwriting.

democratizing mineral reserves and mining

MineralCoin is a digital security token which establishes secure, liquid, and fractional investment opportunities into an ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.


Diversified minerals

Generate early revenue and increase investment coin value to community while diversifying portfolio of reserves, such as bauxite, gold, silica, iron ore, etc.


MineralCoin Token

Offers access into a highly profitable sector with immediate intrinsic value through its mineral reserve assets providing a safer and more stable investment.

Key Features


Intrinsic 'real' Value

MineralCoin will be valued on the current and future value of minerals through its existing concessions and will increase in value as reserves are validated and mined providing cash flow back to investment coin holders.


This security token opens access into a highly profitable exploration and mining sector that has traditionally only been accessible to large corporations and high finance.



Diversification of profit sources is built into the company's mantra. MineralCoin seeks highly valuable and widely used minerals such as bauxite, gold, diamonds, lithium, iron ore, etc. providing a great value in a bull market and hedging the risk in a bear market.


Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Blockchain and smart contracts are used to provide transparency, minimize risks while increasing security, and to remove intermediaries to increase profits. MineralCoin is strategically designed to be an incredible investment vehicle for investment coin holders.

Our Projects


Bauxite Production in the Republic of Guinea

Over 475 km2 of bauxite concession estimated to have in excess of 1 billion tons of bauxite potential.


Social Responsibility and Sustainability

MineralVest focuses on sustainable practices to minimize impact and to restore the land for local populations.


Gold Production In The Republic of Guinea

Over 273 km2 of gold concessions estimated to have up to 800 kilograms of gold potential.

Our use of aluminum is growing, too. We used one-third more than aluminum in 2015 than in 2006, which projects our aluminum consumption will nearly triple by 2025.
— according to the US Geological Survey